Building community,
one bed at a time.

We provide clean, comfortable, age appropriate beds and books to children ages 0 to 18.
We work with professional referring agencies to identify the families most in need, then deliver twin-sized beds complete with new mattresses, sheet sets, comforters, and pillows to their home. Thanks to our partners at Bookmarks, children also receive 2-3 books that can transport them to other worlds as they drift off to sleep.
Our team of volunteers build and deliver the beds to the families’ homes, and are often accompanied by special guests such as college sports teams, law enforcement, or even the mayor—turning every delivery day into a celebration.



Give them a safe space to lay their heads.

Tomorrow, many of them will wake up and go to school tired. A lack of sleep during these critical points of development carries an emotional and physical impact that lasts beyond childhood.

A Bed and A Book is on a mission to create safe and enriching environments where every child can dream.

Visit the Our Chapters page to find out more information about the areas we serve, to donate, or to refer a child to a specific chapter.